Sim7600 power-on

This is the code for the power-on of sim7600e:

/**************************Power on Sim7x00**************************/
void Sim7x00::PowerOn(int PowerKey = powerkey){
   uint8_t answer = 0;


  // checks if the module is started
  answer = sendATcommand("AT", "OK", 2000);
  if (answer == 0)
    Serial.print("Starting up...\n");
    pinMode(PowerKey, OUTPUT);
    // power on pulse
    digitalWrite(PowerKey, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(PowerKey, LOW);
    // waits for an answer from the module
    while (answer == 0) {     // Send AT every two seconds and wait for the answer
      answer = sendATcommand("AT", "OK", 2000);

Source: Sim7600 and arduino won’t connect – Using Arduino / Project Guidance – Arduino Forum

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