DALI commands

11.2   DALI commands

  • DALI commands are transmitted on the DALI bus at 1200 bit/sec using Manchester coding.
    In Manchester coding, the bit state is defined by a transition at the centre of the bit window (ie: NOT by the actual level)
    ie: positive going transition  = ‘1’, negative going transition = ‘0’.
    This needs a signal switching rate of twice the actual bit transmission rate.
  • DALI commands are transmitted as frames of 16 bits  (+ start and stop pulses)
  • Some commands have to be repeated to be effective (within 100mS)
    This is done automatically within the Rayzig DALI output module.
  • Some commands have 8 bit return frames.
    Raymon reports on the header panel: Return frame byte = nn
    OR if no response:  absent return frame.
  • Some commands have no return frame.
    Raymon reports: frame with no response.  


DALI slave addressing is by one of:

  • Individual luminaires addressing using their short addresses (0–63)
  • Group addressing which accesses one of  16 groups (0-15)
    (Each luminaire can be assigned to one of more groups)
  • Broadcast which addresses all slave units on the DALI bus.


Each luminaire can participate in one of more of 16 available DALI scenes.

For each scene, the luminaire stores a level (0-254) for that scene or 255 if not participating.

GOTO SCENE NN command causes each participating luminaire to switch to its level for scene NN.

Addressing in the 16 bit transmitted frame

A brief summary of DALI addressing is given in the table below.

The following coding is used to illustrate the bit usage:

S: selector bit:                        S = ‘0’ direct power level in lower byte

S = ‘1’ command in lower byte

Y: short or group address:        Y = ‘0’ short address

Y = ‘1’ group address or broadcast

A: significant address bit

C: significant command bit


 Type of addressing

address byte

Short addresses (0-63)


Group addresses (0-15)




Special command


Special command


The table below lists the DALI commands currently used by Rayzig.

List of  DALI commands used by Rayzig (part 1)

Operational control in Rayzig uses only DIRECT POWER CONTROL and OFF with individual and group addressing

plus GOTO SCENE with broadcast addressing.

The other commands are used in configuration.  (Greyed-out commands are unused)

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