Pronunciation: ‘bēch
Function: noun
Inflected Form: plural beech·es or beech
Etymology: Middle English beche, from Old English bēce; akin to Old English bōc beech, Old High German buohha, Latin fagus, Greek phēgos oak
Date: before 12th century

: any of a genus (Fagus of the family Fagaceae, the beech family) of hardwood trees with smooth gray bark and small edible nuts also : its wood
–beech·en \’bē-chən\ adjective
copper beech
Function: noun
Date: 1846

: a beech with shining coppery-red leaves that is a widely planted cultivar of a beech (Fagus sylvatica) native to Europe

Concise Oxford English Dictionary
■ noun a large tree with smooth grey bark, glossy leaves, and hard, pale, fine-grained wood. [Fagus sylvaticus (Europe) and other species.]

OE bēce, of Gmc origin.

n бука; beech II a букин, буков; бука

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