[ubuntu] Zoneminder upgrade – 1.26 to 1.32

Thanks! as it turns out, I did indeed install 16.04 of ubuntu … however, I ended up right back where I was. I actually ended up removing ZM and totally reinstalling (dropping the database etc). As it turns out, the whole problem was the typical path issue. Unfortunately, EVERY REFERENCE I COULD FIND re: how to ensure that the script alias and PATH_ZMS variable was set correctly, referred to a console OPTIONS ==> PATH setting that is NO LONGER present on 1.32 of ZM. which brings up a curious problem as to how to ensure folks new to this level of support can possibly find the correct answers online without having to actually make a post. When the actual functionality of the product changes like this, and the old docs are still readily accessible.. it makes it difficult to keep from pulling out your hair. I was unable to figure this out until I actually SEARCHED GOOGLE for “ZONEMINDER MISSING PATH_ZMS” at which point, i found the handy site that explained as how these path variables are now in zmcustom.conf as noted here (if this is allowed https://forums.zoneminder.com/viewto…=27722#p108059

Once I realized that the path variables are now in zmcustom.conf in /etc/zm/conf.d the world was a much better place, and immediately the camera i had defined started working. I simply had to insert “/zm” in front of the default setting there. Getting a few other cameras to work was very difficult due to odd FOSCAM HD camera settings, but I finally got there. We’re back in business – though i do have to re map my zone on the motion detection camera.

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