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Aurora (novel)

Aurora is a 2015 novel by American science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson. The novel concerns a generation ship built in the style of a Stanford torus traveling to Tau Ceti in order to begin a human colony. The novel’s primary narrating voice is the starship’s artificial intelligence. The novel was well received by critics.

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The Concerto by Robert Greenberg

Course Lecture Titles
1. The Voice in the Wilderness
2. The Baroque Italian Concerto
3. Baroque Masters
4. Bachs Brandenburg Concerti
5. Mozart, Part 1
6. Mozart, Part 2
7. Classical Masters
8. Beethoven
9. The Romantic Concerto
10. Hummel and Chopin
11. Mendelssohn and Schumann
12. Romantic Masters
13. Tchaikovsky
14. Brahms and the Symphonic Concerto
15. Dvorak
16. Rachmaninoff
17. The Russian Concerto, Part 1
18. The Russian Concerto, Part 2
19. The Concerto in France
20. Bartok
21. Schönberg, Berg and the 12-Tone Method
22. Twentieth-Century Masters
23. Elliott Carter
24. Servants to the Cause and Guilty Pleasures

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