Miscellaneous acronyms 5G

E2E – End-to-end (e.g. E2E latency)

D2D – Direct device-to device

MMC – Massive machine communication

UDN – Ultra-dense networks

URC – Ultra-reliable communication

MN – Moving Networks

RRM – Radio Resource Management

FTN – Faster than Nyquist

V2X – Vehicle-to-anything

LPWA – Low-power, wide-area wireless technology

NB-IoT – Narrowband IoT

FMS – Fixed to Mobile Substitution

SC-FDMA – Single-carrier FDMA

LP-OFDMA: Linearly precoded OFDMA

EPC – Evolved Packet Network

CN – Core Network

5G NR – 5G New Radio

eLTE – Enhanced LTE (Huawei)

eMBB – Enhanced Mobile BroadBand

RRH – remote radio head

BBU – BaseBand unit

RRU – Remote Radio Unit

AAU – Active Antenna Unit 

OBSAI – Open Base Station Architecture Initiative

CPRI – Common Public Radio Interface standard.

CoMP – Coordinated MultiPoint

WTTH – Wireless To The Home

MTC – Machine Type communications

UE – User Equipment

NSA- Non-StandAlone

SA – StandAlone

PCC – Primary Component Carrier

RRC – Radio Resource Control

CIF – Carrier Indicator Field

RNC – Radio Network Controller

ALCAP – Access Link Control Application Protocol

RSRP – Reference Signals Received Power

RSCP – received signal code power

TCO – Total Cost of Ownership

mMTC – massive Machine Type Communications

uRLLC – Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications

MCC – Mobile Competence Centre (ETSI unit supporting 3GPP)

EARFCN – Evolved-UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel.

E-UTRA – Evolved Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) Terrestrial Radio Access

SAE – System Architecture Evolution

PDN – Public Data Network

NAS – Non Access Stratum

RSRP – Reference Signal Received Power

RSSI – Received Signal Strength Indicator

RSRQ – Reference Signal Received Quality

RMC – Reference Measurement Channel

xRAN – software based extendable RAN

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